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    Video Professionals

    A creative spark and the technical skill to create, install and perform.
  • Cutting Edge Hardware

    We use the latest live video technology to deliver stunning events.
  • Live Concert Visuals

    Vibrant and original visual media to the Event Industry
  • Bespoke Themed Visuals

    Themed and commissioned graphics are a potent visual accompaniment to music and performance.
  • Club visuals and video graphics

    A world of design from rough video to pure digital eye candy !

Concert Visuals

Picture One

We use video and graphics engines to manipulate and render projected images live in performances and concerts.

All media can be integrated with live camera feeds and as part of a complete lighting design.

We Provide bespole visuals and motion graphics, the equipment and the talent.


Arts Visuals

Picture One

Looping visual media and motion graphics work well as a wallpaper or to enforce a lighting scheme but they can also deploy a message.

Themed and commissioned loops can support a narrative and are a potent visual accompaniment to music and performance. This short showreel contains custom made loops along a theme of sex and violence.


Club Graphics

Picture One

Club visuals and video graphics cover a world of design from rough video to pure digital eye candy.

This is the heart of VJing and almost anything goes, from any digital source – including cameras, camcorders, mobiles and vintage clip downloads. rendered 3D animations, Flash animations, text and logos.

The goal is excitement and impact, not video realism or production gloss. Using bright colours, morphing shapes and objects, impossible transformations, and anything else that contributes to full-on psychedelic eye candy, the Loops establish a rhythm that syncs in time with the music. Video effects, masks and filters are deployed to contort and embellish the loop around the beat and set a reference for the mood.

All of this can all be conjured onto massive screens LED walls Plasma Screens, Water Walls or anything else you can beam an image onto.