video design and delivery

The moving image is one of the most potent, persuasive and versatile communication tools of our time and we provide affordable, high impact Video Design.

Simply put, we produce, shoot, edit and deliver video for use in live performances aswell as creating and encoding web based video for the internet.

We deliver video live and across the broadcast spectrum so that you can watch on the web, via TV, DVD or even on the go via your mobile phone.


  1. We produce high impact, visually stunning corporate profiles, website content, fundraising films, educational documentaries, promotional films and production consultancy across all media.
  2. We encode and deliver for the internet and for DVD showreels and promotions.

    Video Performance

    1. We specialise in delivering vibrant and original visual media to the Event Industry for music concerts, private parties, launches, concerts, gigs and festivals .
    2. Our visuals add impact to a club night or themed party with Merekat’s live VJ-ing skills. We design and source motion graphics and visuals for gigs and live Performances.
    3. All media can be integrated with live camera feeds and as part of a complete lighting design.

Live Streaming

      1. Stream your event LIVE or start your own TV channel and broadcast live across the internet.
      2. We can mix multiple cameras and clips in real-time and add broadcast graphics live.
      3. We can provide Server-based recording for instant on-demand replays
      4. We can provide full website design and integration for your Live Streaming event or Internet TV channel.

John Sims
Creative Director